Crossword Break

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3 Held every April, this annual concert celebrates the nearing of the semester’s end
5 There are over 200 Registered ________ Organizations on campus for students to join
6 If you are a motivated student that strives for good grades, consider this program
8 The Warrior ________ Center is UHM’s on-campus, student-funded fitness center!
9 Through the National Student ________, students can study at an out-of-state institution for UH tuition
12 Study in Japan, France, Spain, and more through this program!
13 In addition to Manoa’s Division I sports, students can participate in ________ teams
15 The ________ Theatre offers a full array of student led performances


1 The Office of Admissons is housed in this buidling (acronym)
2 ________ Year Programs, like ACE, are learning communitis for incoming freshmen
4 Rent tents, kayaks, surfboards, and hiking gear here!
7 Complete this application to be eligible for Financial Aid!
10 Fall applications are due on the 5th of this month
11 The ________ Shuttle helps students travel around campus and the Manoa area
14 Island-wide public transportation system that is free with your student I.D.

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