Special Programs & Unique Opportunities

Special Programs & Unique Opportunities

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If you’re looking to enhance your experience at UH Mānoa, you’ll want to check out these programs and services that will help you create a positive social and academic support network on campus.

THE BACHELOR’S AND MASTER’S (BAM) Degree Program gives you the opportunity to graduate with both your Bachelor’s and Master’s degree within 5 years!

HONORS PROGRAM is something to consider applying for if you’re a talented and motivated undergraduate! The Honors Program provides intimate, personalized educational experiences through small classes, dedicated advising and faculty guided independent projects of research or creative expression.

LEARNING COMMUNITIES FOR INCOMING FRESHMEN (FIRST YEAR PROGRAMS) allows you to take several courses together and meet individually with faculty and upperclassmen.

STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER is a one-stop shop for your academic needs and offers you services ranging from tutoring, to advising, to study groups, to writing project assistance, to supplemental instruction groups for challenging courses. It’s a place where you can work with faculty, librarians, mentors, and tutors to meet your individual learning needs.

SERVICE LEARNING PROGRAM provides students with the opportunity to volunteer in your community in meaningful ways while furthering their education.

THE NATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM allows students to study at another institution while maintaining their UH Mānoa status. Students can select from 170 colleges and universities throughout the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and study there for a year while paying either the UH Mānoa tuition or the resident tuition of the host school.

STUDY ABROAD AND MĀNOA INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE offers summer, semester, and year-long programs of study in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Pacific, and South America. Or you can create a self-designed study abroad program in countries where UH Mānoa does not have an existing one. If you are interested, you can study in far off locales such as Argentina, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, Russia, Brazil, New Zealand…to just name a few!

A SEMESTER IN HAWAI‘I (ASH) lets you explore diverse cultures, study extraordinary courses, and live on a tropical island of unsurpassed natural beauty. ASH provides an exciting academic experience through the University’s vast array of courses and offerings. Students may enroll in any available course at UHM as long as prerequisites are fulfilled. Most students take a few courses unavailable at their home colleges.

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